Monday, September 25, 2017

Mahvelous Monday!

'You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you'
- Andy Warhol

Altered Whimseys is still in what you might call a remodel. The past year has put a lot of plans on hold due to my health and I haven't been able to give you the blog that will knock your socks off. I'm relatively new to the blogger community as a blog for others. For a long time this blog served as a gallery for my scrapbooking pages and I used it as a journal of sorts. Not the case anymore. My vision is to turn Altered Whimseys into a self-care, crafty, inspirational space for all to enjoy. So please, bear with me, send suggestions and ideas, I have no problem with constructive criticism. I welcome it. On that note I'm going to log off and work on some research and have a little me time.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm SO Excited!!!! I just can't....

Hide it! ... Thank you Pointer Sisters for that little bit of theme music for today. It's been a long time since I had a sound track in my head, today I've got quite the playlist going through my brain, mainly 80's disco and early 90's club music. I usually have a themed playlist to go with what I'm doing; cleaning house requires some AC/DC 'Back in Black' and a little NIN (I tend to be a little hard rock hard core when cleaning.) What is your soundtrack? Do you have a soundtrack. For me, having one is an indication that I am feeling good, both mentally and physically. It is a form of self care, nurturing our minds through the exposure to music. Music lifts our spirits, unless your listening to cry in your beer country; your boyfriend stole your truck slept with your best friend and ran over ole Yeller... Nope. Not the music for me. However Alan Jackson's 'Way Down Yonder on the Chatahoochee' is quite the country toe tapper, if you're game for that sort of thing. How do you listen to your groove? Ipod, 8-track, or good old fashioned vinyl......

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Just a girl from the 'Burg asking for Prayers...

Hi all. August was a crazy month. Crazier than a bag of cats. September... well.... right now there's a spinning vortex of destruction heading towards my friends and family, leaving a path of devastation and death behind it. In all my life I have NEVER seen a hurricane like this. I have never been scared of one until now.  Homes and things we can replace, rebuild. My family and friends I cannot. I am asking you today, wherever you are to stop, to pray. To whatever and whoever you pray to, and then reflect... right now the wind is calm, and you can hear the birds can feel the warm sun on your  face... and on our little peninsula there are those right now that are braving the storm, that are hunkered down in shelters, that are serving others in hospitals and keeping the peace on the streets. The rain is sideways, the wind is howling an unforgiving tune, and the buildings and trees sway. When the chaos subsides what will remain? What comes next. My dear and devoted readers I ask that if you want to help those in need after the wake of Irma do not send stuff, but donate money. Not to the Red Cross (whose executives have six figure salaries), but to UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. They provide immediate post disaster relief. Check out their website by clicking on their logo to the right, there you can see what they are doing, and how they will put your donation to use. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Self Care Sunday...A Story of Love and Self Care

I don't usually blog on Sundays as it is my spiritual sabbath.  Yet I'm still awake on a Saturday/Sunday night so I thought I might try to squeeze in a blog post. This month has been chaotic to say the least, and it's not even halfway over. Today I will raise my hand in church and put a dollar in the mission jar in thanks for my David. Thursday morning I awoke to find him sitting on the edge of our bed, very late for work, and in a cold sweat. He was having chest pains. Thus began the scariest 24+ hours of my life. Neither on of us were a stranger to this drill, so I gave him 3 aspirin and had him sit in the chair while I called 911. I held it together pretty well until we got to the hospital and I went upstairs to find breakfast. Instead I found the prayer chapel, I walked inside and just collapsed in a pile on the floor. Sobbing. My rock, my best friend, my truest love. There was a chance I could lose him and I was terrified. I felt broken. I was so angry. I was shaking and my heart was pounding.

I know, you're probably thinking this has nothing to do with self-care or crafting.... But please, I implore you to read on. 

In case you haven't read any of my previous posts, I had a bad car accident on the 1st of this month. I passed out and was one with a telephone pole. My body is still reeling from that scenario. Thursday I just didn't know what to do with myself. In the excitement of packing the 'ER' bag I forgot to pack my pain medicine and cancelled my heart treatments for the rest of the week, unsure of what the next 24 hours would bring. I didn't take care of me too. I know, that may sound selfish, but if you suffer from chronic illness, if you don't take care of you you'll be pretty useless to those who need you. By the time they decided they were going to keep him, David urged me... well he pretty much told me to go home and rest. I was crying at the drop of a hat and in a great amount of pain. I didn't want to tell him that. All I wanted was to be there for him. But what good would I be? David had a fantastic nurse named Sheva who assured me that if there were any changes that she would call me and that he was in good hands. He was.  I kissed him on the forehead, told him how much I loved him and I felt like I was abandoning him. He assured me that I wasn't. Somehow he knew he was going to be ok. I am still struggling in my faith a bit, but I had to believe that he was going to be fine. The bus and train ride home was awful, I think I cried the whole way. That night I drowned my sorrows in pizza, not my best choice. I prayed all night, and called for prayer for David from all of our friends and family. They apparently prayed for me as well because I finally got some rest. I slept, slept hard, and woke up with my heart at peace, and a text from David saying that he had just finished up with his stress test. 

Self care, especially in a crisis situation is key. It helps you slow down and focus on the non-crisis to give your heart and mind peace, which helps you deal with your crisis better. I wish I could have told myself this three days ago. I'm saying them to you now. Stop, breathe, and take care. Friday, my prayers were answered and David came home; just a wake up call. Now we have a path to follow with better food and exercise. I have to stop and learn to take care of myself, because I'm still recovering from those two days. My husband has his 'bug out bag' prepared for times of crisis... full of food, knives, and other survival tools.... ladies, you need to have your own 'bug out bag' in times of crisis. No, do not fill it with wine or pharmaceuticals... you need to be clear headed in time of crisis, but do fill it with other things that make you feel good. Items of self-care....

1. A good book, spiritual or not... but not something too intense
2. A candle or scented oil that calms you...
3. A coloring book or something creative to distract your mind
4. chocolate
5. pictures of good times
6. a comfortable shirt
7. lip moisturizer
8. lotion... something that smells good and calming... for your face and arms.
9. a happy playlist
10. a great bag to put all of this in.....

Have this bag at the ready... because you never know what life can happen at the drop of a hat. It's now almost three in the morning and I'd like to be awake for church in the morning.... 

Monday, August 7, 2017

It's another Manic Monday....

And what have you done today? Did you adult today? Did you pull the covers over your head and wish it was Saturday morning? Mondays don't always have to be bad...  They're only bad if you have it in your head that they are. The internet is full of meme's that perpetuate the myth of the bad Monday. It's all a state of mind. Yeah, here I am 'Little Miss Mary Sunshine', but the thing is you need to get it out of your head that Mondays are bad. Let us reference the picture below... this happened on a Tuesday. Tuesday, August first 2017 to be exact. 

my baby....

See.... 'it' can happen in an instant and on any day. When you target your day, when you have your head set up thinking that one day is going to be bad... chances are something is not going to go your way, you are going to psych yourself out that something bad will happen. It may not be something as major as a car wreck, but the thing is...YOU SHOULD NOT LIVE YOUR LIFE IN FEAR OF A DAY.... You should not live in fear at all. I lived in fear, not of a day, but of other things, for many years. I was afraid to live and I missed out on so much and it made me a very unpleasant person to be around. If you find yourself in fear, ask yourself, why do I fear it? WHAT is it about?  A person, place or thing? Will it hurt me? What will it do to me? Fear will rob you of your happiness... trust me. So wake up tomorrow, and say... TODAY IS GOING TO BE MY DAY.... own it. Do this every morning when you put your feet on the floor. Make it part of your spiritual practice, no matter what faith journey you are on. 

It would be so easy for me after my accident to be afraid of driving, afraid of being in a car. The thing is, I caused the crash. Fortunately it was just me and the telephone pole. Before the accident, in general, I had been dealing with severe car anxiety, something I have no idea why. Before that I had never been in a car accident, or even came close. When I got into our FJ Cruiser to go home form the hospital on Wednesday I was at peace. I had it in my head that I was safe. Yesterday, however I had a major panic attack as David got onto the on ramp to the freeway.  It hit me out of nowhere. Yet a few minutes later I was fine. We don't know when the fear will hit, the thing is, NOT TO LET IT RULE YOU! Go in peace my friends and have a FABULOUS Monday!