Sunday, January 21, 2018

Self Care Sunday... Time for You...

It's Sunday, for the traditional Christian, today is supposed to be a day of rest; yet you're up at 7AM to get ready for church, your stressing out because you forgot that it was Potluck Sunday, and you've scheduled a family dinner for that evening and that includes your very critical mother-in-law and her yippy little cocker spaniel.... yeah.... Sunday a day of rest... haha. 

Self care.... it's your time now. Take the day off...Trust me, the world is not going to unravel if you don't go to church, if you don't bring your crockpot of BBQ meatballs to the potluck, cancel your plans. This is my back yard... pretty much, the American River. My self care regimen includes a stroll down the the river banks, just to sit and listen. Just to be. No loud music playing, no noisy neighbors, nothing but me and the coastline. Yeah, it all sounds kind of selfish, escaping. 

But self-care is a necessity in life. Yet we are so busy trying to be on top of things, trying to people please, live up to unreal expectations.... we are swimming in stress on a daily basis... BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO! 

Self-care means that you take care of you. Turn off your cell phone. Turn off your TV (the news will stress you out). And just be.... and take care of you. Take a nap. Make yourself a nutritious smoothie, tune out and read a favorite book.... 

These are my top six.

Avoid negative thinking, stay away from negative people and detox your spiritual side as well during your day of self-care. Think about the people in your life and who builds you up, and who takes you down on a daily basis.... then cut ties with the ones who break you down. You deserve to be built up, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be spiritually nourished. Think about your faith journey. Are you being fed spiritually, if not, then you need to find a place that does. 

Time is precious...and so are you...

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday, and stuck at home...

After a bout of the flu and pneumonia had me hospitalized for 24 hours, I have since been 'grounded' by my husband and his aunt in an effort for me to take care of myself and get better. I have the tendency to over do it when I feel just a smidgen better. Not good. 

Today is the Sacramento Women's March and once again I am unable to attend, I even bought tickets for this all the way back in October. I must say I am totally bummed. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the attendees this morning. Be safe and be bold! 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Life happens when you're making plans... Sacred Spaces Part 3... Sort of....

Hi all. The last 36 hours have been, well, awful. My self care Sunday I talked about the flu, well the flu put me in the hospital Thursday afternoon. I'm home now, upstairs in bed, or affectionately known as the 'tower' Right now my sacred space is a small lap desk with my computer and beside my are my books I'm going to delve into the next few days as I recoup. 

Have you found your sacred space yet? Like I said before, this is a journey, not a race. It's also not a competition, so don't stress over it, and don't overthink it. When I started out on my journey to find my space I was comparing it to all the spaces I found on Pinterest... the perfect lighting, everything arranged just so, all the small statues and figurines. Then I had to take a look at the bigger picture, this is MY space, and not anyone else's. This is MY own spiritual journey and no one can take it for me, and I have my own design, my own sense of spirituality that I want to instill in my space's design. It's like that mountain top experience, no one can take it for you. It has to be yours. 

My 'sacred' space right now... by my table tray on my bed.

This isn't a 'keeping up with the Jones'', this is a stress free and gentle journey. It's not who has the most candles and the fancy alter cloth, it's about what you put into it. It's between you and your higher power, or whatever you practice spiritually. I once met a lady in the program (AA) that proclaimed that her higher power was her typewriter, because there she was able to write out all that was in her heart, and the typewriter didn't judge her, and the typewriter was her release. It was her safe space. And that's ok. 

Your sacred space is yours, and it can be anywhere, inside or out. I would love to have a large veranda to sit in a swing and just read and take in the sun and fresh air. I also love to take walks down by the river behind my home, just to pause and sit in the grass and listen to the rushing waters, and connect with nature. 

Here is my book stack that I have in my sacred space below my desk, full of spiritual and creative guidance. From the likes of Bishop Beverly Shamana's 'Seeing in the Dark', and inspirational book about finding yourself spiritually through creativity to SARK's Bodacious Book of Succulence', a crazy book about finding you and embracing your amazing fabulous self. I will be mentally digesting all of these books in the next few weeks in preparation for Lent, which begins on Valentine's day. For those of you not familiar with the Christian practice of Lent, it is the forty days of self reflection before Easter Sunday representing the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert . During Lent Christians usually give up a habit, or even add a habit, like a new Bible study. 

Well, I need to rest, and you reader's need to take a breather and discover all the sacred spaces surrounding you.

Kimberly Rae

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Chick Flicks You Should Watch....

When you are confined to bed with the flu, the one thing you are destined to do is to binge watch every chick flick your other half refuses to watch with you. I know, very cliche', but face it... being imprisoned by the ick this is gonna happen. I'm sure you must watch these three classics...

1. Bridget Jones and the Edge of Reason, my favorite of the three. 
2. Notting Hill.... Julia in one of my favorite roles. 
3. and last, but certainly not least....Love Actually.... my personal favorite... Hugh Grant's sexy prime minister dance, Colin Firth's adorable yet goofy writer persona,  and sooooo many others that just made that movie perfection. 

All those movies, as you will discover, are British... love Brit humor, more sophisticated, more real, and a lot more funny than most of the more recent rom coms. The classic American romc coms....

1. Sleepless in Seattle
2. You've Got Mail
3. and one that has been a little underrated....Addicted to Love... hilarious and Meg and Matthew are just adorbs as the opposites that fall in love while tearing their exes to shreds (this is a perfect movie if just going through a break up). 

Those are the top six rom coms in my book. And now for a chick flick you may or may not have missed... Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette in the 2015 sleeper hit 'Miss You Already'. This is the movie you want to Skype watch with your bestie who lives miles away... (girl, you know who you are, we need to watch this). From their junior high years to their adult lives, the friendship that stands the test of breast cancer, infertility, and silly drunken trips through England, a Beaches for the new era. Even though they did do a remake of Beaches staring Idina Menzel which was ok... it was Lifetime and I still cringe at the thought of my beloved Idina doing a Lifetime movie. Anyhow, 'Miss You Already' is quite a tear jerking, giggle inducing treat that I'm sure you'll love. On that note, I'm going to sign off and finish watching this movie...again. Oh, and you're welcome. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Just a slight pause....

Just taking a slight pause today to rest. I've been blogging consistently for the past 17 days, including today. I've been busy working on Sacred Spaces this whole week, hoping to give you some more insight into your own sacred space and what you want for it. Today, take that middle of the week pause and indulge in a little self care. Give yourself a facial, take a nice hot foamy bath, turn off the electronics and