Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ahhhhhh Falllllllll and DIY Halloween Decor

While the leaves have not turned yet, I have donned the green flannel and have a warm bowl of mac and cheese... Fall has arrived in my little nook and cranny of the world here in Northern CA. That means I had better get working on my Christmas cards. All things crafty have arrived here at my house and both my husband and I have embraced it whole heartedly. I have even ventured into the realm of creating my own Halloween decorations. I usually don't decorate for Halloween, except for the Jack-O-Lantern on All Hallows Eve. Last year was such a rough year I really want to go all out for the holidays for this year, starting with Halloween. Going all out for me means decorating our huge bay window and our door.  Today I did the prep work, I went to Target and acquired the orange lights needed for the window, and did the Cricut cut outs that I will hang from light strings. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the living room.... scary thought (haha). Seriously... my life has been on hold since July of last year and it has been non stop. Last year no Christmas cards got made or sent out. In fact I spent Christmas in the ICU, I don't remember much of December. This Fall I have a lot to look forward to..... stocking my Etsy store, making gifts for my family, going to Idaho for Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, Live Nativity Scene.... sigh.... ok, I'm getting ahead of myself....annnnd I'm rambling.

The 'cut outs'

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Back from Vacation....

Back from vacation...6 days at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park in California, about a three hour drive from my home, and a three mile drive to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk! What a great week... I've been just decompressing the few days since David (the hubster) and I got back. Going to head out in a few to go check out some new scrapbook stuff at M's and run some errands.

David's Faerie Jar Creations
The Santa Cruz Boardwalk

David and I in Santa Cruz
On the the Dixiana Shay

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Crossing over?

I'm not so sure you can call it that, but after using another designer's planners for the past seven months I have gone to using the Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planners. Trust me, it's not a ding on that designer's products, I love her stuff,  however the planner style  for me are a little too creatively constricting, and not big enough. I like to personalize EVERYTHING, using all different kinds of brands of products.

I purchased a Happy Planner the week before my open heart surgery as a way to document the journey as well as keep up with my appointments before and after the surgery. I have found it to be an valuable tool, and after getting on several groups on FB, I have also discovered the versatility of the Happy Planner when it comes to decorating them in my own style. There are so many possibilities. On Pinterest there are so many free 'printables' to created into stickers to personalize your planner .... just go onto Pinterest and type in 'Free printables' and you are awash in so many options. The two brick and mortar box chains I have found to carry the Happy Planners are Michael's and Hobby Lobby. They both carry their own unique selection of Planners, because Michael's DOES NOT carry the new Rose Gold horizontal weekly style planners, where as Hobby Lobby does. Hobby Lobby also carries more accessories than Michael's. This is very frustrating to us planners because of travel time to go to stores, availability, and store preferences. I would much rather go to M's than Hobby Lobby. But that's just me. Online you'll find ALL the stuff you need at the Me and My Big Ideas website. Sometimes I find that vendors sites only sell to merchandisers, this is not the case. MAMBI has a great storefront that is easy to use, and it also accepts PayPal. 

This past weekend's raid on Michael's as well as 
re-organizing my planner stuff.

If you're like me, you'll find all kinds of other brands to work with your planners. For my faith and Bible study planner I have set up I have been using bits and pieces from the Bella Blvd. and Illustrated collections as well as the BoBunny Believe collection. You can find those very easily on I have also found that the Becky Higgins Project Life cards fit into the photo protectors that MAMBI has, I have also used my MAMBI hole punch to add one to a calendar page. 

These are the pages from my 'faith journey and study' planer.

The MAMBI hole punches are great because you can create your own custom planners using the rings from MAMBI (see the gold ones on my planner above?) and whatever you decide to create! The sky's the limit! You can also create your own custom covers, all that you need is a laminator, or the use of one. If you don't have one of your own, FedEX Office stores offer the use of theirs for a minimal price. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

When a song touches you to the core...

Something Wild...(Featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness) - on the new Lindsey Stirling album 'Something Brave'... This song has touched me on so many levels. This past year has been about overcoming...

Overcoming fear...
Overcoming anxiety...
Overcoming a heart condition that brought about open heart surgery that forever changed my life and the way I see and feel things.

The lyrics in Something Wild 
'You might have some bruises
and a few scars
but you know you're going to be ok' 
'You don't have to worry
you reach for my hand
and I know you're gonna be ok'
feels like my God is talking to me,
and my heart is lighter.
The scar on my chest is a 
reminder that I am a survivor,
and that I will return to the 
'Something Wild' in my life.

Lindsey's album Brave Enough is available at Target stores, and on iTunes. She is an amazing artist with a heart of gold and you are missing out if you haven't heard her play. 

Monday, August 22, 2016


Feeling a bit better and getting some Halloween cards done. I'm so excited, they're simple cards, but they are fun and original. They have already been posted to the Etsy store.  Not sure when I'll be back in business, right now I'm just trying to get back to healthy. Little baby steps. For those of you who are in the creative world and find yourself chronically ill, there is hope. I have found solace in my creativity. 

In creating art for myself and for others I have found healing in my heart, a healing of the soul.