It's not all about me...really.

Hi all! It's me! Kimberly Rae. 

What's a girl like me doing in a blog like this? Well... it all started in the fall of 2003 when my husband bought me a copy of Creating Keepsakes Magazine (no longer in print) while I was recovering from surgery. I had recently received a box of photos from my grandmother that she had found when going through her old photos. It was a heavy box full of old class photos from elementary school, school pictures dating all the way back from Pre-K, pictures from Jr. Hi and High School, and some miscellaneous pictures that I had taken over the years when I was in the Navy. Wow. I had no idea what to do with them. Two weeks later, in walks David (husband) with my pain prescription, chocolate, and a copy of....Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

Yup.... this is what happened. I commandeered a card table and set up my workspace in the corner of our separate garage. This was after I outgrew our computer and sewing room at our old house. The summers in Northern, Central California can get in the triple digits, and the fan in the garage just wasn't keeping me cool enough. Then the rains of winter and spring caused major humidity issues with my growing supply of papers. So I moved into what used to be a 'closet' that fondly became known as the 'Bat Cave'

Life happened and then we moved to where we are now, and before moving in I quickly placed 'dibs' on the upstairs guest bedroom as my creative space.

Before the move...

Two months later...

So here we are now, 13 years later. Over the years I have been an instructor at  Scrap It in Cameron Park, CA, and a design team member for Scrapbook Corner in Elk Grove, CA. Both unfortunately have closed due to the economic slump of 2009. I also worked for Scrapbook Station when I was in college. I used to have esteem issues back then, so I never submitted my work to be published in the myriad of scrapbooking magazines that were out there. Now.... that isn't the case. When I lived in the house in Wilton, I started a little blog in 2005, just to post pictures of my work. It was called 'Runs With Decorative Scissors'. Over the years it evolved into 'No Ordinary Scrapper' , then there was Altered Whimseys....Technology has changed over those 13 years, the film camera gave way to digital SLR and now my iPhone camera, social media has just EXPLODED! With all that Altered Whimseys has grown to be part of my life as I share my work, an anecdote or two about my crazy life, and connect with the world around me.

What do I do when I'm NOT in the studio? 

I've been married to my best friend since 1997, we met in the Navy in 1995 during a Navy sponsored recreational event... indoor rock climbing. Two months later we went on our first date, and we've been together ever since. Together we enjoy action and sci-fi movies (I told you I was a total geek), camping, cooking together, going to concerts and art museums, traveling, and sharing our faith journey with each other. David has been my rock, and our time together has been quite the rollercoaster. In the end, when the sun rises and I wake up to his smiling face I know that God has great plans for us still to be revealed in time. 

The 'Cole Gang' on the boardwalk in Monterey, CA 2008

Just me? I enjoy movies, I love to watch figure skating (I used to skate competitively in college), I'm a voracious reader,  like I said before I am a total geek so I have my collection of Funko Pop Vinyls (Han Solo, Hermione, Snape, Harley Quinn, Denarys Targaryan, Dr. Stranger, Sherlock and John Watson, and my latest addition Baby Groot...)  

You may have noticed that I didn't mention kids... Well, life happens and God  had a different plan for me. I get to be the crazy aunt to my two nieces, and four nephews, and I'm godmother to Christina, Todd, and Robynn.  

Life happens when you're making other plans.... story of my life.

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