Monday, July 24, 2017

Manic Monday....

Yes, I just did that, and you've got Manic Monday by the Bangles going through your head. For those of you under the age of forty and who may not know who these amazing women are, they are a pop group from the 80's that were trailblazers for women in popular music. Ok... enough about the music... it's Monday, and for most of us that means we're frantically hitting our snooze button, pulling our sheets over our heads (at least in CA were it has been triple digits all weekend), and wishing for another day to be wedged between Sunday and Monday. Sorry ya'll, it is Monday, no matter how much in denial you are about Mondays, it's gonna happen. Yet Monday's don't necessarily have to be bad. You, yes you, can reclaim your Monday by starting with a self-care regimen of a calming facial mask made from two drops of tea tree oil, coconut oil (to act as binder), 1\2 cup of oatmeal (uncooked rolled oats), 4 tablespoons of coconut milk and a teaspoon of ground ginger.... apply to face, let it set for 25 minutes, then rinse with cool can prepare this ahead of time and apply and then go make breakfast or check e-mails. Another great start to your day is this... now don't shoot me... start your day with green tea and honey instead of coffee... your body needs a break, and green tea is a great detox, and it doesn't weigh your system down like coffee does. There are so many good ways to start your Monday... for me it's not watching the news first thing in the morning. If I need to know traffic or weather, I use my weather and traffic apps on my phone. Getting all riled up over politics and all the stupidity of the weekend is no way to start your day. Tune out and tune into great tunes that make you smile....a little goes a long way. Have a great week ya'll. 

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