Sunday, July 23, 2017

Finally....a blog post....

These past several weeks have been pretty insane. From camping at the beginning of the month, helping facilitate a young women's retreat two weeks after that, participating in an online 'creative camp' since the the end of June... I have just lost sight of me, and my vision for Altered Whimseys. I started this blog almost ten years ago with hopes of being one of the big creative bloggers with zillions of followers and hopefully a book deal in the mix. Well, life happens when you're making plans. I realized that in a huge way this past week. I have been participating in this fabulous free online 'camp' put out by an industry colleague. It has been full of wonderful creative ideas, I have made some great new friends, I now have a planner I have dedicated to self-care... the only thing was, I have been totally not getting anything done with Altered Whimseys Studios. Last month I spent the cash and purchased a .com for my blog, and still have yet to attach it to it (been round and round with technical difficulties...). I have also not been making any cards for my inventory. Do you ever find yourself with so many ideas that you just don't know where to put them? That's part of my issues, the others are confidence and lack of a properly working laptop. Right now I'm working on my iPad which is great, but there is a lot of stuff that needs to get done that can only be done on my deader than dead Mac Book. Elizabeth died of old age at the beginning of May. Yes, I name my name their cars, I'm going to name my computer. Fortunately AT&T hooked me up with a brand new iPad when I got my iPhone 7plus. Talk about perfect timing.....

Sorry, rambling.... Altered Whimseys Studios has been my baby, I started her at first just to showcase my scrapbook pages back in 2005, then it just blossomed from there. Today I am currently looking for sponsors (paying ones would be like, the bomb), and I have also been working on rebranding her as not just a crafty blog, but a blog for all that celebrates craftiness, self-care, local business, and happiness. I have already got a local soap company that makes quirky, fun, all natural soaps set up for a Valentine exclusive, I have a guest blogger to share with us her beautiful stained glass art, and another sharing her spiritual journey. Along with all this fun going to happen I hope to gain  some sponsors that are willing to donate product for giveaways along with sponsorship of this blog. I love to write, but I also would like to earn some mad money. Due to my health issues it is nearly impossible for me to keep down a job, any job, part time, full time. So this is it. Being the CEO or Altered Whimseys' Studios. That way, I only have myself, and I can take a step back, take a little me time whenever I need it. (That's the whole self-care thing) I don't have to worry about clocking in, what I have to wear for work (unless I'm working a craft fair or the like). After working for 30 years in everything from retail, the military (Navy vet), and then big corporate America, my doctors decided at 36 it was time for me to retire. Along with the sponsorships for my blog I will also be running a small card and gift shop on Etsy, full of handmade journals, traveler's notebooks and greeting cards. The cards are going to be the bulk of the business. I will be using Etsy as my starter platform and then hopefully move it into my own personal store attached to the blog. That way I don't have to worry about user fees for Etsy, although they are the more reasonable of the lot when it comes to posting stuff you would like to sell. Ebay partnered with PayPal really tends to gouge your profit margin, especially when you are dealing with small prices for what you are selling. 

Ok... next on the agenda... this blog.... as I said earlier I am rebranding her to be more than just a place to showcase my scrapbook pages and a post every now and then. Altered Whimseys is going to be your answer to your need for an online crafty\self-care\grass-roots business supporters\ and fashion magazine. Yeah, I know, that's what you have Pinterest for... think of this as Pinterest without all the pins that you don't really want to see... like all the food you cannot eat (sugar laden carb meat and cheese bombs), all the dresses that you cannot afford or fit into.... yeah, we can not follow a user for those reasons, but then you would be missing out. Here, no missing out. Unless you have children. I will forewarn you, I do not have children therefore there won't be any posts about parenthood here. I know nothing of it, and I don't blog on anything I don't know about. I also don't want to be one of those childless women who dish out advice on parenthood. It would be like a man trying to dish on PMS or menopause.... not gonna happen here. I am always open to feedback, in fact I encourage it. We are all learning as we go swirling through space on this great big ball.... and I am by no mean an expert on everything... But I do my homework when I write and try to provide the mot accurate information possible.

 So with that in mind... look forward to Manic Monday, my feature for starting out the week with a little self-care. 

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