Monday, July 31, 2017

Bye bye July and hello August... It's time!

Time to buy some cards that is... yes, the Altered Whimseys card store is open! I am so excited about this new chapter in my creative life. Last month was just insanity... August, time to sit back, regroup and enjoy life. I just want to shout out to my cheerleaders... my mom Mitca and my husband David. They've both been urging me to open my own store and share my cards with the world. At first I was apprehensive... I really didn't want to turn my hobby into my 'job'. Then I thought.... how many people have a job doing what they really love? I love making cards for people, making them smile, brightening their day! So I'm really doing this... really. I don't have a full inventory yet, so please bear with me, I'm new at this. I sold a couple of things a while back on Etsy just for fun and to see if I could do it. For the longest time I thought my stuff wasn't 'good enough' to sell... well pshah... forget that! It's fun, it's whimsical and original. It's also going to be elegant and creative when my Couture Card line comes out... (stay tuned for that). 

So share this with a friend, tell them to share it, buy some, share your happiness with others and they'll buy some! It's a win win! Just click on the Love card to your right and it will take you directly to the store! We accept all major cards and PayPal!

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