Friday, April 28, 2017

Bella Yella.... and Polyvore

I've been having a blast lately, on this fun app on my iPhone called Polyvore. I have this guilty pleasure, fashion magazines. Yet they're missing a lot, like smiling models (why don't fashion models smile, I swear each and every one of them look like someone pee'd in their gluten-free and kale breakfast, they look angry...), affordable clothes that us gorgeous but fund lacking women  can indulge in.... and styles that we would actually wear out it public. Yes, the runway styles are breathtaking and beautiful, but seriously.... would you wear only a thong and satin dinner jacket to Target on a Thursday afternoon? Yeah, well....  Polyvore allows you to chose from different sizes (yes they have a Plus size catagory) and styles of all kinds clothes and accessories and so much more. I discovered Polyvore a couple of years ago, yet now, as I really want to get this blog some exposure and increase readership (shameless plug, I know) I am diving head first into creating style sets. It's so much fun, like going to the mall, and trying on all the clothes, except this time everything fits, you don't have to go to 30 different shops, stuff yourself with an overpriced dry pretzel with too many calories in the food court, and get sprayed by the perfume lady at Macy's...(even though you think the smell is atrocious). All of the fun, none of the hassles. You can even wear your comfy clothes, no make up, and no bra.... so go check it out, follow me, and have some fun! It's totally addictive.

Bella Yella....

Print dress

Verali ballet flat
$37 -

Retro glasses

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