Thursday, March 9, 2017

Life Happens When You're Making Plans

As many of you know, March is National Craft Month. For me, I have been a lot NOT crafty. Yes, Altered Whimseys is all about the crafts, DYI and Self-Care and on that note, I have been lacking in all three. We all have those days, for me it's been since the middle of January. Do you find this happens to you? You have all these great creative ideas and goals and by the middle of January you are just, well, kaput? What do you do? Bigger question is, what am I doing about it. For Valentine's day my husband got me this AMAZING book written by an amazingly creative person, Amy Tangerine, I blogged about it earlier, but it bears repeating since I am now using it as part of my Lenten practice of creating more. My philosophy for Lent this year is More Study, more encouraging, and more creating. Seeing as I've been in this creative schlump since January I have been working in my book 'Craft the Life You Love'. While it isn't a 'religious' book, it is a spiritual one by asking some deep questions into your everyday life which affect your creative side. I'm a quart of the way through it and I'm really starting to feel the creative 'mojo' returning. Tonight I actually made a card, first one in a long time. 
Card for Florence, paper is from the Reset Girl collection by Simple Stories, 
Designed by Cori Spieker. Washi tape by Recollections from Michael's, and three 
random antique buttons from my collection.

Amy's book has been such an encouragement for me, and I hope that if you decide to pick it up (Available on Amazon), it will be encouraging for you as well...

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