Saturday, February 11, 2017

Loving my Light Box!!!

I've had my Heidi Swapp light box since last Summer, even took it with me on vacation to FL! If you do not have one, and you're one to always have to say SOMETHING, this is your home decor full of fun! I love mine, which is the standard size light box. Heidi also makes a long shelf size as well as a light box mini! I have yet to add those to my collection, right now I need to get my room put in order before I go adding something else. 

Heidi Swapp has so many cute fonts, icons and backgrounds. You can even make your own, I have found several tutorials on Pinterest , click here for some examples.

Currently you can find Heidi's light box at, and participating JoAnn stores.

 This is some of her new backgrounds, the palm trees that are available at

Here are some of her icon packs.... and alphabets (The Pink Icon pack and Cinema letters were found at Michael's in Rancho Cordova)

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