Sunday, February 19, 2017

Camping and other things....

Yes, I have been seriously dink in posting here. Something I intend on remedying in the weeks to come. Two years ago David and I went camping out at Pfieffer Big Sur park to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our first date. We had been here before almost 20 years ago on our honeymoon. That trip we spent less time in camp and out in Monterey and Carmel doing the touristy things. This trip was a nice peaceful retreat for us both.

It's amazing how clear your head is without the interference of everyday life (phones, texting, Facebook, TV, the Xbox, committee meetings, and the schedule of chores...).... Out at our campsite we had NO internet or data on our phones, hardly any cell phone service for that matter, so for the few texts that got to me, it was a pretty quiet week. Being the insanely organized couple that we are we planned our meals for the week which made grocery shopping easier as well as our wallets less lighter. We couldn't exactly chuck dinner plans and order pizza, the only pizza place was in Carmel which was a ways down HWY 1 with no delivery. This trip allowed me to think about a lot of things, and one of them was working on and starting my book about it being perfectly fine to be married with no children, as well as the idea for starting an informational camping blog for just couples with no kids. 

I also packed a killer art box... no scrapbooking. I packed paints, canvas', drawing pencils and my journal. I needed to get away from the distraction of the computer and the like that sometimes stumps my creativity. Yes... I get on FB and get lost, get on Pinterest and well... see ya next week. That way I was able to really dive right in. 

This year David and I are going to spend our 20th Wedding Anniversary camping as well. Time in the peace and quiet.... and on the coast somewhere. Can't wait! Time to get work on my vacation book list and art box wants. So excited!!!!

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