Sunday, January 8, 2017

Welcome to Self Care Sunday!

Today begins one of my new weekly features, self care Sunday. Self Care is exactly as it sounds, taking care of one's self. We all come from different walks of life,  and with life comes stressors of all kinds... work, health, family, relationships (with yourselves and others). As we are just finishing up the holiday season we are now in recovery mode, DUH, the holiday season is stressful. Even when life is going great. This year mine was a little trying, dealing with my first Christmas without my beloved Grams. Mine helped raise me and was my best friend. Up until the early January of last year we talked every day on the phone. The holidays after a loss are hard, and I didn't realize it until this year. I was depressed and in denial about it. I thought I was ok... if you consider ok crying at the drop of a hat and just totally emotional. It wasn't pretty, and I'm glad to be done with the season... now time to heal, grow and move on. 

Self care comes in many forms, spiritual, physical and mental. With physical self-care we take care of and pamper our bodies; skin care regimens, soaking baths, and better eating. Spiritual self-care we take care of our 'heart and soul', feeding it spiritually with sacred scriptures of our choosing, prayer and meditation. We build sacred altars for prayer and meditation, and yes, Christians build altars. Sacred spaces offer solitude and peace from the outside world. Whether it is a corner desk in your home, or an actual prayer closet. Find and create yourself a sacred space. Mental self-care, that for me is taking care of my mind. I have bipolar disorder and PTSD, and  I am in recovery. My self care regimen for my mind is getting myself to meetings, following my medication regimen properly with my psych meds, and knowing my boundaries and maintaining them. I know when to say NO, and when to avoid situations that are stressors... ie. big crowds, invasive people and toxic people. 

Self-care is not being 'selfish', it's taking care of you so you can be your best for the world around you. A better spouse, mother, friend... and you are refreshed in all three aspects of self-care. Every Sunday we will explore a facet of self care and show you how to be your very best. 

Today my self care is staying home and resting, I have the flu and I'm just kicking back and letting my husband take care of me. I'm blessed to have a life partner that does laundry, cooks and cleans, because we're partners in life. We share the load, and take care of one another when the other is down. I've got my laptop and bottle of water and bed desk... oh and a drawer full of DVD's and a Roku player.... 

Happy Sunday... take care and see you on the flip side.

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