Monday, January 2, 2017

Vision Boards and You!

I remember doing these in high school after returning from Christmas holiday break... vision boards. My creative writing teacher was all about the vision boards, urging is to plaster our deepest most heartfelt dreams on poster board for all to see. For a teenager that was a rather daunting experience, given that the teenage girl can either be your best friend, or a relentless bully. That winter of 1990 my vision board was full of pictures of babies, stethoscopes, University of FL brochures, and nurses caps... I wanted to be a neonatal nurse, and go to University of Florida to accomplish that goal. Twenty seven years later my board is now covered with goals for this year which include leaning how to sew, going to the gym at least three times a day, and blog every day. Life sure has changed for me. What does your vision board look like? They're pretty easy to put together, and you don't have to be an artist or creative to do it, you just have to put YOU on that board and what you want. 

Here's a list of supplies

1. poster board
2. some magazines of your liking to cut out pictures of things that represent your goals
3. markers or stickers
4. vision.... what do you want for 2017?

Don't be afraid to list. Don't be afraid to put down what you REALLY want! This is your board and your dreams for this year!  

I spent a lot of time when I was young telling people what they wanted to hear, living a life that wasn't mine, but theirs. It took getting sober and lots of therapy to get me where I am today, and that is happy, joyous and FREE! If you are ready to cut your hair and get a nose piercing, DO IT! If you're ready to start writing a book, DO IT! If you are ready to go back to school, DO IT! You are never to old! It's only too late when you're dead. I can attest to that one, as I am thankful to be alive after last year. Be brave, be YOU! 

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