Monday, January 2, 2017

Self Care from the Inside Out....

For me life has gotten too sweet.... and for someone with an addictive personality, it has become a real huge issue for my well being, both physical and mental. As we leave the wake of sugar behind us known as the Christmas food season, we find ourselves in January, upset, overweight, stressed out, not sleeping and feeling quite hung over...with out the aid of libations. It's the sugar ladies! Plain and simple, white, crystal, sweet, and addictive.... let me rephrase that....sugar comes in many forms. High fructose corn syrup, honey, agave, white refined flour, pasta, potatoes, fruit juices.... all of these can wreak havoc on your body, especially if you are a diabetic like myself.  They are hidden everywhere like little ninjas. 

This year, I am throwing down the gauntlet and reigning in my sugar addiction as part of my self care plan. Last year was a health disaster for me, and I am lucky to be alive. Five stents, 3 heart attacks, seven angio grams and the big whopper, double bypass surgery at the age of 44. Yeah. I don't smoke, never have, but I was exposed to second hand smoke as my parents smoked. I've been sober a little over 21 years. My problem was I switched one addiction for another and WHAMMO! Scientists have found that sugar is addictive and stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain as cocaine or heroin. Just like those hard-core drugs, getting off sugar leads to withdrawal and cravings, requiring an actual detox process to wean you off of it. I went through rehab over 21 years ago and it wasn't pretty. This, the sugar detox, is going to be brutal. All that sugar in my system, combined with the uncontrolled diabetes has taken it's toll on my cardiovascular system. I am sick of being sick... so I am taking action. Come next week I will be living a sugar free life.... for 21 days that is. What I will do afterwards remains to be seen. I am participating in a 21 day sugar fast with my husband. My wonderful cheerleader is joining me on this journey. I am using the 21 Day Sugar Detox book by Diane SanFilippo which can be found on her blog Balanced Bites. The program has three levels and the recipes are simple, tasty and easy to prepare! I even modified a recipe, from the Buffalo Chicken egg muffins, and added spinach, shallots, onion, garlic and cheese instead of the Buffalo sauce. They came out wonderfully! Sacrifice is never easy, but this book really explains the ins and outs of sugar and it's pull.  You can get it on her website and it is also available on Amazon. 

So here's to some self-care... from the inside out.... I am looking forward to better health, and a better life as a result of this new facet of self care. Any of you wanna come along for the ride. Visit my message board and check out the Three Week Sugar Challenge! 

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