Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!!

Ten years ago Altered Whimseys was launched...formerly known as No Ordinary Scrapper, I wanted to take this blog and expand it to showcase more than scrapbooking. Today my forum/message board launches along with a few more features in the coming weeks. On Friday's we will have the regular Friday Frolic, which will feature a local, or not so local (to me that is... in Northern CA) craft store or boutique. I will be enlisting the talents of local crafters around the country to guest blog with their Friday Frolics. If you are interested in being a Friday Frolicker please e-mail me at and I will send you the guidelines for your blog entry. This is not a paid gig, because it basically gives free advertising to the location you 'Frolic' at. What it does provide is some blog exposure for your own blog (A link will be featured in the sidebar for the week you are the Frolicker) and the excuse to go crafty or self care shopping. I ask that you do not feature a commercial 'big box store' in your Frolic, but feature a local business that falls under the guidelines of...

1. Small boutique of self care items such as soaps, beauty items, bubble baths/bombs.
2. Local scrapbook store, it can be a chain if it is NOT a big box store such as M's, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, and JoAnne's. Must be locally owned and operated.
3. DIY and Craft Stores, locally owned and operated
4. 2nd Hand Shops! Repurpose! Repurpose! Repurpose!

2017 is a year of new beginnings and with that I will be adding a 'self care' and 'spiritual' facet to Altered Whimseys, with subjects such as finding a local Yoga spot to creating your own 'Sacred Space' for meditation and reflection. I will have guest bloggers that will blog about belly dance, therapeutic art, and so much more! So bookmark this blog and stay tuned because 2017 is gonna ROCK!

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