Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ahhhhhh Falllllllll and DIY Halloween Decor

While the leaves have not turned yet, I have donned the green flannel and have a warm bowl of mac and cheese... Fall has arrived in my little nook and cranny of the world here in Northern CA. That means I had better get working on my Christmas cards. All things crafty have arrived here at my house and both my husband and I have embraced it whole heartedly. I have even ventured into the realm of creating my own Halloween decorations. I usually don't decorate for Halloween, except for the Jack-O-Lantern on All Hallows Eve. Last year was such a rough year I really want to go all out for the holidays for this year, starting with Halloween. Going all out for me means decorating our huge bay window and our door.  Today I did the prep work, I went to Target and acquired the orange lights needed for the window, and did the Cricut cut outs that I will hang from light strings. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the living room.... scary thought (haha). Seriously... my life has been on hold since July of last year and it has been non stop. Last year no Christmas cards got made or sent out. In fact I spent Christmas in the ICU, I don't remember much of December. This Fall I have a lot to look forward to..... stocking my Etsy store, making gifts for my family, going to Idaho for Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, Live Nativity Scene.... sigh.... ok, I'm getting ahead of myself....annnnd I'm rambling.

The 'cut outs'

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