Thursday, August 25, 2016

When a song touches you to the core...

Something Wild...(Featuring Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness) - on the new Lindsey Stirling album 'Something Brave'... This song has touched me on so many levels. This past year has been about overcoming...

Overcoming fear...
Overcoming anxiety...
Overcoming a heart condition that brought about open heart surgery that forever changed my life and the way I see and feel things.

The lyrics in Something Wild 
'You might have some bruises
and a few scars
but you know you're going to be ok' 
'You don't have to worry
you reach for my hand
and I know you're gonna be ok'
feels like my God is talking to me,
and my heart is lighter.
The scar on my chest is a 
reminder that I am a survivor,
and that I will return to the 
'Something Wild' in my life.

Lindsey's album Brave Enough is available at Target stores, and on iTunes. She is an amazing artist with a heart of gold and you are missing out if you haven't heard her play. 

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