Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Preview.... 5 Days Away from the Grand Opening...

Hi all... it's been a crazy week, I can finally drive now, got the clearance from the Dr. yesterday so YAY.  What I'm so excited about now is the grand opening for my Etsy store is just FIVE DAYS AWAY!!! I have been working hard, and Altered Whimseys Cards and Gifts is coming together quite nicely. It is my mission to be an all inclusive small business, being able to offer my customers cards with topics that haven't been 'mainstream' in the card industry until just recently. I will be offering LGBTQ wedding and transition cards, as well as a few Pride themed cards come next June. I will also have on hand Yule, Samhain, and Solstice cards for my Pagan and Wiccan customers. Of course I will have the mainstream Christmas and Birthday cards, along with a selection of Halloween cards. In September of 2017 I will have a line of Islamic Ramadan EID cards. After the big rush this Fall, I will be offering the opportunity of custom cards and sets. Most of my greeting cards will come in sets of four, it's more economical and saves on shipping. Right now my shipping area is confined to the states and FPO and APO's. 

I am not only making cards, this year I will also have a selection of Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner place cards for your table in sets of 8 & 12. Mind you all of this is not all coming out at once, it's just a one woman production right now who not only makes the product, but I do the PR, blogging, and business end. Financially I have a goal of saving money for mine and my husband's 20th wedding anniversary (in early May, I will have Mother's Day cards, however a limited selection due to shipping time and production as I will be gone) for which we are planning on Hawaii. I also have to replenish my creative tools and goods so I can create said cards. I am not allied with any home based business, this is all ME. So support small businesses....(wink wink)

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