Friday, June 3, 2016

Vacation shopping...a post from two weeks ago.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to go hat shopping. I had a particular style in mind. I've been admiring Heidi Swapp's stylized trucker hats along with my newfound obsession of teal and all things fun and beachy. As a woman over 40 the 20 somethings that weren't even born when I was earning my battle scars of developing my own style who would snipe that I'm a little 'too old' for a blingy fun hat and gold hoop earrings worn with a tank top, capris and sparkly flip flops... Like I said before, I do not apologize for who I am, and that goes for my style... my wardrobe choices. Women, we have the freedom to be whoever we want! We can be fun, flirty, sexy, tailored, elegant, and drop dead gorgeous... we can also be sweet, innocent... coy... delicate and feminine.... we can be rough, raw, sultry and smoky, we can be dangerous.... dangerous in a way that men would fall for us at a glance... it's the power of US, the power of knowing that we can be whatever we can be and be happy, confident and free. We do have limits, and they are good taste, and that means no self respecting woman over a size 16 would try to jam her jelly ass into a pair of 'um' Daisy Dukes' while sporting a tube tope with NO hope of proper breast support... oh HELL to the NO. You're old enough to know what a push up bra is and to WEAR one. 

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