Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's Thursday...yay...

Hi all. Like I said before the next few weeks are going to be rather random when it comes to posting. When I'm away from home and on vacation (although going to FL to my grandmother's memorial isn't really a vacation) I tend to not write as much... or I get real inspired and write a lot. I'll be taking some basic crafty stuff with me, mainly to keep up with my memory planner. Thinking about taking my Pixma printer, but don't really feel like fooling with uploading the software to my laptop... I'm lazy,  I know.  I'll figure something out, I usually do.

Journaling: June 1, 2016 ME! Without reservation and without fear I took the plunge again and had my nose is good when it is lived without having to apologize for who you are...I did that so much in my lifetime, last year I think was the turning point when I said no more, and cut lose the spiritual albatrosses that interfered with MY joy... It's ok to have an opinion, but when your opinion sucks the joy from someone else...then you're doing it wrong. I have learned in these past few months that I am blessed with a wonderful husband and family on both coasts, friends that have stuck by me for like FOREVER, and a spirit that is strong, free and is not afraid to be ME. There really is no definition of me... I have labels...wife, daughter, sister, friend, a woman of faith. Those are labels... Just names, not who I am. I am a fire breathing glitter bomb of bodacious creative passion with a love for people and life....

My Manifesto, 
Kimberly Rae


  1. Beautiful! I love the colors so much - some of my favorites :) Lovely pictures, too. My DD got her nose pierced. Love the last line of your journaling - that rocks! Have a great day.

  2. Lovely layout. I especially loved your journaling from the heart.