Sunday, April 17, 2016

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! It's been a crazy week that I am wrapping up on a high note! This month started off not so great. Last week I spent resting, renewing, and pretty much taking care of myself. For me that's tough, I always have 'something' that needs to be done and I end up running myself ragged and burning out. This week! I am so excited! I've got the CafePress shop up and running (go check it out in the side bar, lots of unique gifts with the AW logo and original Journey2016 photo),  I've started a subscription service and an Altered Whimseys digital newsletter is in the works, and I've started to make way in my studio for a remodel to get rid of clutter and add a table for David to work at. I also got caught up on my creative planner.... I love that thing! It's not really a dedicated calendar for me to use, I have my iPhone for that. My Heidi Swapp creative planner is a place for me to put all my creative ideas as they happen, through sketches, writing, pictures and it has really helped me through the times when my lack of mojo was a problem. Well, time for me to get ready for church... oh yeah, I get to bring my new Praise journal from Illustrated Faith to church. Oh happy day!!!! 

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