Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What happened to Tuesday???

After coming home and seeing what state my house was in after vacation I decided it was time for Spring Cleaning... and 'Project House' thus began; but not without a hitch. Allergies + Benadryl = Coma... whilst on vacation I was dealing with really dry conditions which equal nosebleeds for me, and once we got back home it was all rainy, which equal mold allergies for me. So here I am, finally awake enough to blog, finish up a couple of projects to mail out, and resume 'Project House'. Pinterest is chock full of housecleaning tips and organization ideas... kind of makes my head spin there's so much. What I have found are housecleaning 'schedules' that break down a cleaning schedule on a daily basis and makes the 'whole house' clean seem less overwhelming. If only I could get my 'furbabies' to chip in and help with the house work. As cats they just stare blankly into space and lick their paws and say 'Whatever' like the typical human teenager. The hubby is fabulous as he has volunteered to assist me with my creative room re-do, which will be the final room for clean up. Right now, due to my day of Benadryl coma, I am a day behind. So on that note I will leave you with some pictures of the three cards I made on Monday.

Also check out my Twitter feed about some exciting local (Rancho Cordova) news about new and exclusive  Heidi Swapp arriving at Michael's Stores. I feel an afternoon excursion is in order after I finish up the upstairs bathroom today. 

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