Friday, March 11, 2016

The Vacation after the Vacation?

It's been almost a week since we returned from Idaho, I'm knee deep in my house cleaning project, most of the laundry is done (it's a never ending load), and now I have a cold. I'm ready for vacation, again.... thus begins the vicious cycle. 

Such is the state of affairs. I've been also working on plans for my new creative space for Altered Whimseys. Like I have mentioned on a Tweet to Heidi Swapp a couple of weeks ago when asked about what I would change in my creative space... it is the fact that somehow, once again, I'm backed into a corner again. Granted I love having everything at an arm's reach, my surface space to create has gotten smaller. I have a pre-fab wardrobe that is falling apart that I need to disassemble and box up it's contents as well as miscellaneous 'stuff' that has just accumulated in this room. Short of where I have re-organized and cleaned up, it's a disaster area that I so want to get cleaned up. 

And this isn't the latest photo... I've since moved the printer and
re-arranged my workspace surface to include more space. is now currently offering a free class to organize your creative space. I have been utilizing that so I can get some idea where to start. 

Well, this day isn't getting any longer and I have pictures I need to print for my Heidi Swapp creative organizers...yes, there is an S on the end of that. I bought ANOTHER one that's smaller for my bag. 

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