Friday, March 11, 2016

The last day of my old life... in retrospect.

21 years ago today was the last day of my former life... a life that I lived feeling ashamed, not good enough, full of fear, and in the bottle. Tomorrow I will celebrate 21 years of a happy, free, and amazing life (not always rosy clouds and bright sunny days....but the thing is, I don't have to drink over it). I've been blessed with and amazing and supportive husband, a great family on both coasts, and friends that have gone the distance without even being asked....

So on the eve of my 21st year of recovery, I created this page. Last year I wasn't scrapbooking or paper crafting very much, if not at all. So the page for my 20th never got done. At the end of this month when I get my 21st year birthday medallion at my meeting I will definitely be creating a page for that one.

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