Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Mail and Repurposed Kit to make a Card

When I can't sleep I end up get creative. This morning I used my Heidi Swapp 'Cinch Kit' I got at M's last week for $5 (all of her 'old' stuff went on clearance when they put her new stuff up) and repurposed it to make a card for my best friend/sister by choice. Speaking of which, I am starting a new segment here on Altered Whimseys called 'Happy Mail'. 

Happy Mail

Happy Mail is going to be a weekly address of a person who is in need of Happy Mail. Happy Mail is a friendly card to brighten someone's day, preferably handmade... Recipients of the card(s) will be someone picked at random from e-mails submitted by Friday. I will e-mail the lottery winner's address to those interested in sending a friendly card of encouragement. So send in your submissions and those who would like to participate in this fun 'Random Act of Kindness' will be sent the e-mail of someone in need of cheering up. 

This week, since this is the first week, the Happy Mail will be going to my best friend and sister by choice.... 

My e-mail is

Thank you in advance!

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