Sunday, February 28, 2016

Do you create while on vacation???

I usually  prepare for vacation by packing what I can fit in my suitcase and carry-on's to fly, when camping and or road tripping with the hubby I always pack a creativity kit which usually includes my journal, crafting books and or magazines, camera (duh!), and sometimes the makings for a minibook. This year is my year of healing, and part of my healing process is nurturing my creativity. Whether it be my writing, painting and or papercrafting, I'm taking some facet of it with me on vacation. Speaking of which I am now nestled in bed, it may snow tonight where I am (Idaho Falls, ID), and I have been browsing Pinterest for new ideas for my craft room and posting on my favorite papercrafting website bulletin board. Tomorrow I have nothing planned but to do the same thing, finish up my Drew Barrymore  'Wildflower' book so I can start on Lindsey Stirling's new book 'The Only Pirate at the Party'.  These two women have been such an inspiration for me. They have overcome obstacles in their creative genres and have blossomed. They are bright, positive and instead of tucking tail and running, they have confronted their obstacles and BOOM! Their lives have become full of great joy.... speaking of great joy there is a new production of mine in the works (meaning it's gaining hurricane momentum swirling in the back of my head)... a joy blog. Not sure of the title yet because I'm sure there are a few blogs out there with the name of joy on it... so I'm going to have to once again, gasp, be creative. As a deeply spiritual woman I believe that joy is the key to life.....well, before I blather on about that whole idea and go waaaaay of track on this blog post. Okay, it's Leap Day.... After midnight and I'm going to shut down the laptop and curl up with my book.

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