Monday, February 29, 2016

A Leap into Monday....

Today I hung out with the dudes.... the dudes being my husband, brother in law and nephew.  Today was great because they wanted to go to Cabela's.... and next door is Hobby Lobby. Granted they have Hobby Lobby's in the Sacramento Valley where I reside, but every store is different due to location. I saw a lot of stuff I wanted to bring home to work with but I'm on vacation and don't have all my tools. Sigh.

In yesterday's post I talked about traveling and creativity and what I bring with me on road trips. As I was walking the aisles I was making a mental list of the stuff I need to ADD to my creativity box....which may evolve into the creativity trailer... haha. Ya, like that's gonna happen. 
Altered Whimseys Creative Trailer....(I'm fantasizing, yes)

I found this trailer on Google Images. I would take out the kitchen parts, except for the fridge (gotta have the cool drinks) and I would also add an awning. The only down side would be moving all my stuff from my studio to here.... I got a LOT of creative stuff.....

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