Friday, January 22, 2016

Yes...I Tweet.....And I Periscope...

You can find my Twitter feed on the side bar here. I've been kind of off and on about Twitter, yet when a friend turned me on to Periscope for my iPhone I had to start back up with Twitter... (both are interconnected, however Periscope is more phone based on Android and iOS systems). I started with a crafty store informative about my favorite craft store (Michael's.... if you want to be a favorite, consider advertising on my blog... it's cheap, it's fun, and it will be worth it, trust me) and their new line of Alphabet decorating... it's the new rage. That was my first broadcast. You can find me at Altered Whimseys on both, or Kimberly Cole at Altered Whimseys. It's late and my brain is fried and I can't remember how I listed it. Periscope is like your own little reality show, as much as I despise reality shows (I really don't like them, seriously.) this is a venue that you can use to express yourself through crafts and what you are passionate about... like painting, crocheting, quilting.... you can do 'how to' s and store promos. I posted mine and my Twitter account went nuts. earning over 7000 impressions within three days.  I have been neglecting it and didn't have many followers...Anyhow, all that attention inspired me to  it more... get my passion about paper crafting and just crafting in general out there, create more!

Tweet at me if you would like to share your creative blog, please DO NOT TRY TO SELL me your already incorporated businesses such as Stamping Up, Creative Memories, yadda yadda.... I will delete you. Granted you do your own thing with the product, my blog is not a place for multilevel networking your business. Capiche? Ok,  now that I've got that out of the way tweet me @AlteredWhimseys

 Annnnnd once again it's after midnight and I need to wrap this up. Keep your eyes peeled today, I'll be making stops at Stamper's Corner in Elk Grove as well as Hobby Lobby in Elk Grove (Elk Grove, California) to check out what they've got going on. I'm off to bed.

Just a reminder to hug your momma if she is close by, call her if she isn't, Skype her if you can, and remember if she's gone. This amazing woman lives too far away... I miss her. My sweet Momma, Mitca!

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