Sunday, January 17, 2016

YAY! First projects of the year done!!!

Well.... 17 days into the new year.

First was a card for my dear friend Tammy who has been an amazing friend to me this past year. She is not only a friend, but a sister in faith and a crafty buddy as well. I found this great mug for her today when I was out shopping and had to make this card to go with it. I hope she doesn't check my blog before she goes to church (oops... surprise Tammy!). 

Second was a painted and heat embossed card for our new pastor's office. Pastor JoAnn began her appointment with my church at the beginning of this year. I was especially overjoyed because I used to work for Pastor JoAnn as her administrative assistant when she was the pastor of Hope United Methodist. I have made a cross for each of the pastor's of our church since I began crafting in 2003.

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