Sunday, January 10, 2016

Joy Jar..... 2015

A couple of years ago a dear friend held a retreat at our church called 'A Joy Retreat', it has to have been one of the best weekends for spiritually and creatively charging my batteries bar none. One of the 'gifts' I received at this retreat was that of a Joy Jar. What do you do with a Joy Jar? Why you fill it up with your joys and gratitudes every day (if you can, last year was kinda hard...). Tonight as I began my yearly organizing of Altered Whimsey's Studios I emptied my joy jar....

Not in chronological order....

2/8/2015 Thankful for the life of my cousin Kaye, she was a beautiful and kind soul

3/28/2015 Thankful for the life of Marion Dixon Belton, my sweet 'Aunt Lucy'

4/28/2015 Had a great trip to Big Sur to celebrate 20 years of being together with David

1/30/2015 Thankful for the life of Trinket Cole, our beloved furbaby 2001-2015

1/30/2015 Thankful for my crafting, it keeps me sane

1/30/2015 Thankful for the great night at the Lindsey Stirling Concert

3/07/2015 Tax return came in early, the bathrooms got cleaned really well, and I went to Ikea and had a blast. One of the best days I've had in a long time.

3/04/2015 Thankful for Gramma getting through her surgery

03/6-7/2015 Thankful that I didn't lose my mind struggling through the nightmares, but I know God's got me. I'm just scared to sleep though.

01/16/2015 Had a great day filming with the Joy House crew.

03/05/2015 Had a great day out riding light rail and felt pretty free.

05/10/2015 Thankful for 18 years married to my best friend

01/09/2015 For independence and health

01/15/2015 Thankful for my new shrink

01/14/2015 Felt better and went to a women's meeting and laughed with the girls

01/10/2015 Sleep, thankful for sleep

01/13/2015 Thankful for the courage to post on Etsy

01/12/2015 Thankful for my kitty Tybalt's health

01/11/2015 Thankful for my wonderful husband....

Looks like I got to May and just quit putting stuff in, that's pretty much when the 'stuff' hit the proverbial fan. This year I will write more, and next year I will have many many many good things to write....

Do you have a joy jar? No? They are pretty easy.... One mason jar, a colorful ribbon, you can decorate it as you so desire. Then daily write on a slip of paper your joys and at the end of the year open it up and read.....

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