Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day planners, journals and iPhones

I've been on the fence for about a week now about purchasing a journal/day planner. I have an iPhones which basically puts everything at my fingertips at the swipe of a finger, you know me, I LOVE TECHNOLOGY. However there's this part of me that's old school that I can mark up, put stickers in and glue pictures to. What's a creative maven to do? Right now I'm eyeing Heidi Swapp's new creative journal and day planner that I can easily get at Michael's, the other is Kaiser Crafts same incarnation at the same price, except for shipping from I think it's going to be the Heidi Swapp because for one I can get it on sale, and two it's only five minutes away. Yes, I am the queen of instant gratification.....

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