Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Different Kind of Christmas

This year it wasn't about the bows and boxes, it was about breathing and heartbeats. There was no Christmas ham or 'Holiday Juice'. No 'Live Nativity' the night before, it was just me, David, several bottles of Gatorade, crackers, blankets and IV's. I know I've posted in the past about my health issues and I've been rather vague about it. Ladies, heart disease is nothing to be vague about. It is full on scary serious. Today I'm sitting here because I was a noisy advocate for my healthcare. After being dismissed as being 'stressed out' and it being 'in my head', the cardiologist on duty actually LISTENED and in listening, he saved my life, not once, but twice. Early this December I suffered another heart attack while out to lunch with friends. The ER doctors once again dismissed it as anxiety, to 'humor' me they admitted me for observation. Two days later when I was finally able to connect with my cardiologist and he performed an angiogram, I was 90% occluded in my LAD. On the 21st I once again had chest pain, had tests done. They found a defect in my stress test. This was Christmas Eve. Due to other factors my Dr. could not perform another angiogram at the time, so instead of keeping me in the hospital over Christmas, he discharged me. Yay.....yay for about six hours. From Christmas eve into Christmas I was sicker than sick, I'll spare you the details. Once again I was back in the hospital less than 24 hours after being discharged, and in cardiac intensive care unit. 24 hours prior I was worried I wasn't going to get my husband's presents wrapped in time to go under the tree, that I wouldn't be able to see our church's "Live Nativity Scene". As they wheeled me to the CICU all I could think of was my husband and how much I love him, and how much I missed my family in FL I felt grateful for the life I have lived and angry at the slight possibility that it may all be cut short that Christmas night. Well, you know that didn't happen as I am writing this now. I do know that I have to make changes, I have to face a huge demon in my life.... sugar. Carbs. To some it's just something that adds to their waistline, to me it's deadly. Ladies, if you have diabetes, be on top of it. Even if you think your pre-diabetic. The simple mealtime 'sticks' are nothing compared to what I have been through these past six months. Do not take simple 'chest' squeezes lightly, get them checked out. You're not over reacting, and it's not in your head. This is your life, and my story and this message is my gift to you.

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