Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bugs, Star Wars and Gatorade...

Long story short, I came down with a horrific stomach virus that put me out of commission for almost three days and I got absolutely NOTHING done except one load of laundry yesterday. Monday I spent watching Star Wars all day in honor of Star Wars Day and waiting for David to get home with my supply of Gatorade and Saltines. Yesterday was no better, but laundry had to get done so I did a load. David can't go to work naked and without socks. Just sayin'.... today I went to the post office and got my Mother's Day business taken care of, then I went and hung around Target for a few. Exciting I know. Craft and art related, no. Friday I will reboot and do some crafting while the rest of the laundry is getting done. My wish for today, a house with a laundry room right next to my craft room with a place to hang stuff and store my cleaning supplies neatly. Oh and a candy apple red stackable washer and dryer, front loading. I'm short, I hate having to try to retrieve clothes at the bottom of my washing machine... it's demoralizing as a short person.

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