Friday, December 26, 2014

Changes on the way for 2015!

As this creative year comes to a close (all the Christmas stamps, ink, and paper have been organized and my desk is now clear) I am looking forward to a very exciting 2015! For a very long time my mother has been trying to convince me to turn my creativity to a business, and I was the petulant child and rebelled... I didn't want to turn my hobby into a business. This past Christmas I made close to 60 Christmas cards plus I made gift tags. My creativity was flowing and I was loving it, and thoroughly enjoying the accolades on my finished product. I tested the waters by donating a set of my 2014 Holiday Collection to the UMW Holiday Faire...  they sold out, and then I made some more, and they sold out as well. Then the wheels started to turn.... I can DO this! I already have an ETSY store set up, just no product. No problem... I can do this. Then the wheels started to turn some more and the idea of becoming a creative consultant started to become a reality (Click on the Creative Consulting tab above the posts for more info).  All this will be unfolding at the beginning of the year, and my first set of cards on ETSY will be Valentine Cards, for all ages... and even some 'anti' Valentine cards (I've been there, the one that hated Valentine's day because of my lackluster love life) will be on ETSY by the middle of January for purchase.

With that said, keep on checking back for more details and previews as well as some 'free' creative tutorials on scrapbooking, card making and paper arts in general.

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