Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Breathe, just breathe.... I still have a baby gift to mail out to my cousin on the occasion of his new arrival on December 1st! Welcome to the world baby Joseph! I am so excited about new life in my family. Last year we celebrated a new addition to our Cole and Harmor family with Dennis, a 10 year old that's just feisty as ever. Right now I'm sitting here and missing my FL family, they're going through a rough patch with my cousin being sick. Cancer sucks. 'Nuff said. Ok... not going to wallow in the sadness, what I need to do is get my tush in bed because it's freakin' three thirty in the AM! Sheesh. Still tweaking the bipolar meds. Tried a new routine today. Obvious epic fail as I am still up and buzzing like a hummingbird that just drank a Monster energy drink. NOT GOOD. I also need to rescue my husband from the chair downstairs. Night all.....

There's one of my hair idols.. Merida. Not quite there yet... I've got ANOTHER year or two to get it that long. Working on it though. The other is Debra Messing. LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair.

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