Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some more on the joys of being a 'Free Lancer...'

Let's see, where did I leave off... oh yeah... (ADHD here, I ate the fried rice, good choice Mr. B)

7. Save EVERYTHING! Every receipt from every purchase you have made that's business related... and no, as much as it pains me to say this, chocolate is NOT a business expense. Business related is software and computer hardware that you use to make your business work (No, World of Warcraft accounts do not count), office furniture (ergo chairs do fall under the realm, sparkly chandeliers do not), business lunches and social engagements (with clients, you feed yourself every day and you do not count that as a tax write off do you... no, didn't think so), transportation (if you are meeting clients, and be sure to track mileage, there are smart phone apps to do so), and general 'office supply' expenses (paper for printer, ink cartridges, business cards, not 'twinkle lights' for your home office or Bose stereo speakers...)

8. Get your own e-mail address, do not use your home/personal one, and ABSOLUTELY do not use your current employer e-mail address (had someone do that at my former job, and it became his former job, I have to say this, because it has been done) and not with a 'cutesy' name, keep it along your 'brand' and professional. If you're marketing a hard line of survivor equipment no one is going to take 'pinkfluffybunny@aol.com' seriously if that's your business e-mail address.

Well that's all for today from the business side of Altered Whimseys... I'm going over to the 'other' side of my office and work on Christmas card elements for the rest of the day.

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