Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inspiration Saturday....

This is going to be a weekly feature about what inspires me... and hopefully you. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know what inspires you and I can add it to my blog on the next feature. Today felt like the beginning of a new start for me. A lot has happened to me in the health arena the past few years regarding my heart, and last week I had a major wake up call from my Dr. who pretty much told me if I kept on eating the way I was eating, and living the way I was living (I'm horrible at getting out an exercising) that my blood pressure wasn't going to improve no matter what drug they throw at me, and my risk of breast cancer is going to increase. I knew it deep down, but for me it was huge. I had been dancing around the pink elephant in the living room for quite some time. That is my inspiration now, renewal... a new way to live, eat, create.... physically and spiritually.

1. My first inspiration... Sunrise Farmer's Market on the corner of Folsom Blvd. and Sunrise Blvd. in the Light Rail parking lot.... OMG.... organic veggies, fruits, berries... yummmm. And I got the best Apple Cherry Cider... oh it was sweet deeeelish! The colors just set my mind on creative fire.

2. This should be my first... my spirituality. My faith inspires me to create, not only for myself, but for others, to lift their spirits.
 3. My mother... where I get all the creative genes from... this is one of her art masks that she designed for the Halloween Festival in Key West. As soon as I get her store site up and running I'll post the link. She is an amazing artist and my momma!
4. My friend Nancy... an amazing woman of courage, beauty and grace, and who has taught me so much....

5. Dale Chihuly.... enough said?

What inspires you....

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