Friday, June 4, 2010

Finding inspiration....

I find inspiration in many things, today I found inspiration in my new kitchen toy, a food processor. For years the art of cooking has eluded me. With anything in my life it was a confidence problem. Fear of sticking my neck out without getting my head chopped off by the sharp knife of failure. Yeah, me, the one who does not fear anything creative. Cooking is chemistry, and I flunked chemistry in HS... but what I've learned from the likes of Alton Brown, Michael Symon, and Bobby Flay has inspired me.... and today the movie 'Julie and Julia' has inspired me. David (my husband)  has been my cooking yoda from the very beginning. When he asked me to marry him, the first thing I told him was, I can't cook. I could cook, I could boil water. I could make spaghetti. I could heat up stuff in the oven, but to cook... not so much. David looked at me like I was an alien from another being when I told him I had never had artichokes.... he has since remedied that. He survived my first solo cooking.... the spicy crispy chicken incident of 1997. The consistency of the chicken was that of jerky.... not crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Oh and the 'spicy'.... well, his lips were on fire, and not in a good way.

I have since improved....

Today.... I am feeling inspired, ready to stick my neck out.... and ready to start living again.

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