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Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling better....

Feeling better and posting today upstairs in 'Altered Whimseys Studios'..... It's been crazy since I got home and for some reason or another my creative urge just flew out the door when the depression set in. Being bipolar has it's perks... the wonderful blessing of creativity with the stamina to work on a project into all hours of the night, yet it also has it's pitfalls... the depression. The fear, sadness, and  all out craptacular feeling that takes hold and just doesn't want to let go no matter how many 'happy pills' you throw at it. It isn't a pretty picture people. Fortunately I am blessed with a wonderful husband who has stood by me through Hell and back, a family who understands me (most of the time), and friends that know all about me and love me anyway (love you Cat and Ria). So, even though I'm in the midst of battling another infection, I'm working hard at getting myself going spiritually. This means it's CREATIVITY TIME!!! Yay.... 

I was a naughty girl and while I was in FL and pilfered my grandmother's photo basket of pictures. The photo above is that of my grandparents restaurant they used to own on Gulfport Beach called  'The Pit'. I'm going to create a mini book out of this.... I'll post photos when I'm done. 

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