Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Week of Thanksgiving... Pt. 2

Tomorrow, as turkeys are roasting, potatoes are being mashed,  and football is being watched... there will be several thousand men and women halfway across the world, putting their lives at risk, eating a cafeteria style Thanksgiving dinner, sending e-mails and video conferencing with their loved ones as able. Some may be out in the middle of the desert with nothing but rations and a water bottle. Tomorrow, I give thanks for those defending freedom, our American Armed Forces. Whether you agree with the reasons or not, please keep the Troops and their families in your thoughts and prayers. For if it weren't for brave adventurers willing to sacrifice their lives, they may never have been a Thanksgiving Day at all.

I remember my first Thanksgiving day away from home, I was still in Navy Boot Camp at NTC Orlando. By that time, the 34 women that I had been bunking with were no longer strangers, but sisters. There were some of us that were able to go nearby families homes to celebrate the day. It was done by lottery, and I wasn't very lucky. That morning I was awake and up and out the door for our morning run, then back to change for breakfast, then to Damage Control and Firefighting... It was a busy day. That evening we entered the great dining hall to be surprised by table cloths on the tables, a beautiful centerpiece at every table, and best of all, the smell of sage, roasted turkey and pumpkin spice permeated the air. I was immediately homesick, and fought hard to tear up. My second time away from family at Thanksgiving I was up at my first duty station in WA, and ended up going to dinner with a few friends at Black Angus... had steak for Thanksgiving... didn't feel much like Thanksgiving at all... without the turkey, trimmings and family.

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