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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessings and things.... Part 1 of a Week of Gratitude

Why just a day to give thanks? I was wondering about this today as I listened to our guest pastor. Got me to thinking about the actual origins of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  It also got me to think about what I'm really thankful for this year.... family, David finding a job, a roof over our heads, food on the table, a warm bed to sleep in. I have friends around the country this year that are struggling, not only financially but emotionally and physically as well. There are those out there that are just not sure whether they're going to be able to eat today, let alone have a 'feast' for Thanksgiving, and wonder what they have to be thankful for. It saddens me to think that our state has money enough to put their officials in SUV's and to bankroll gambling.... but not enough to help families find jobs to feed themselves and their families. What happened to the priorities of the people we voted to defend our interests and well being? Well... our priorities too have changed... there are some out there that complain about not being able to afford Thanksgiving dinner, but they have enough money for their cell phones, DSL and Dish network....???? Not judging, just a little confused.  One of my blessings I am thankful for is my gift of creativity, because it allows me to give back...  My disability keeps me from being a 'career' type person, even holding a part time job, but I feel that my creativity has allowed me to use the time I have now to give back... It's the things that hold us down, clutter our closets and sit on our shelves collecting dust... it is the blessings that we can give back....

This month I was thankful for the Saturday morning breakfasts to share with my hubby... with his work schedule and our crazy schedule in general, some quiet Saturday breakfasts were a rarity... and so is Vanilla French Toast...

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