Sunday, November 8, 2009

19 Hours to scan one card....

It all started at five AM yesterday morning... couldn't sleep so I thought I would get up and start to get some stuff posted... well, it didn't really happen.... Printer/Scanner wasn't cooperating, software was being a pain, and frankly I was feeling less like a technodiva and more like a raving lunatic on the fringe of yanking the printer off the desk and throwing it out in the middle of Coloma Road. I have my moments, this was NOT one of them... Turns out not only was the driver out of date, the disk I had had outdated software. Thank goodness for the internet... yadda yadda yadda downloaded the correct drivers... and voila, pretty card now on computer. Not only was that out of whack, so was I... felt like something dreadful. Yes, I did say dreadful... Oh dear. (Could possibly be the onset of British Lituraturitis....)

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