Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pom Pom hat.....

One more hat.... heehee, it's sick, I know... almost 100 degrees outside the past couple of weeks and I'm here making cozy winter hats. Stay tuned though, you too can own one of these original hats made by me... my Etsy store will be opening soon.

I've really been looking at yarn lately, hmmmm, wonder why. Anyhow, I'm really learning about different kinds of yarn.... wool, acrylic, and eco yarn... yes, you heard right. Eco Yarn is made from 100% recycled bottles. Is that cool or what. That's going to be my next project, a 'green' hat.... both in color and in yarn.

For my friends and family, be warned, you'll be receiving something warm and fuzzy this Christmas....

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