Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Growing up I always wanted a sister, someone I knew I would be best friends for life with.... During the roughest period of my life I found my sister. Not of my blood, or by birth... but a kindred spirit. Catrina. We were 12 years old, and she was just as lost as I was, and together through friendship we found our way through the rough times. Then 24 years later, she was there for me again.... thank you Lord for my sister.... I miss her terribly. Right now both of us are pretty much broke, but not for long... and hopefully she could come out here soon.
I guess I'm feeling pretty sentimental about friendship lately, given what I've been through the past few months. I could not have made it through without my friends, and of course my David.
Life is clearer now, my faith that once faltered stands strong again. David and I are starting a new chapter in our married lives, one that I have faith will continue with 'Happily Ever After'....

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