Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy busy and busy

This is the clock kit I put together, I've had it since David and I went to Idaho, bought it at that place in ID, I can't remember the name, but it's got all kinds of fun house decor. Anyhoo, I had this one picture of Poppy and I that I cherish, of him walking me down the aisle. I am really missing him today, and it's making me cry.

This weekend starts the kick off for Ren Faire Season for David and I.... or shall I say Mistress Rosalinde Danvers her beloved Humphrey. Last night David finished the rest of my kirtle (bodice dress) and I worked on my portfolio for guild membership, totally scrapped it up of course, used the American Crafts album Ria sent me for Christmas as my portfolio, because it's large enough to fit what I need in there. I'll take pictures later... Right now I'm going to get to work on some projects, or take a nap, whichever comes first. It's hot today...

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