Monday, March 9, 2009

Cricut Design Studio Frustrations and projects completed...

Tonight I was about ready to drive to Provo, Utah and sling my laptop in Provocraft's general direction... for the life of me I do not understand why they haven't developed Cricut Design Studio for the Mac, and Mac only, where we don't have to violate our MAC's with that vile Window's program just to run one program.... (shudder). Tonight I went round and round with Design Studio because it wouldn't fully load onto Windows... I did the upload and delete dance.... and it was something completely simple. GAAAAH. After all is said and done I was able to finish my Roxology music folder insert along with the starting layout for my heritage album project.

Tuscarora Farm... these are pictures of the farm my mother spent her early years at and where my grandparents lived with her parents on the family farm. Tuscarora Farm was sold to developers in 1957 and is now the Tuscarora Golf and Country Club in Danville, VA. I looked to see if there were any pictures to see if the original house was still standing.
This is the cover insert for my Roxology (Praise band) music binder....

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