Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Altered Whimsey's Studio.... hopefully the final 'draft'

Altered Whimseys Studio 2009

I turned the bookcase on the side and added so much more space for putting things on...
The bookcase is from Ikea

Boxes for stamps... (the white Ikea boxes full of foam stamps...)

The workspace corner with Cricut Cart, I have a place for the cart now,
it's not in the middle of everything and I don't have to move it to get to the shelves on the side anymore.

The Clip It Up I got from Steve and Nadine for Christmas...(with my Roberts Gift card... thank you guys.... I'm sooooo loving this.)

These are my albums, both complete and incomplete. I still have yet to go through
my 'old' idea books and magazines... the ones from last year. I have a real problem
getting rid of them... the old magazines.. What I need to do is sit down and go through
them and cut out pages and create an idea book... Gee, that would be organized..
scary thought LOL.

The other half of the room is mine and David's sewing area. Ren Faire Season is fast approaching and once again the other half of the studio looks like a dressing room
for a Shakespearean theater. I still have yet to get rid of the tacky plastic shelving unit
not sure what I'm going to do with that. David and I still have yet to clean out the closet, it needs it in a big way. We have our old dresser in the closet just taking up room. Don't quite know what we're going to do with that either. We need a bigger home... for many reasons.

Holey moley... it's almost three in the morning... but then again I napped most of yesterday off and on. My sleep pattern is still a mess. Good night all...

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