Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Directions for the New Year....

New Years Resolutions... shmezolutions.... Time to get life re-arranged, but haven't I been doing that already with at least 6 renovations and rearrangements of Altered Whimsey's Studios, some major life changes (my hysterectomy, dealing head on with my bipolar, being declared handicapped, and getting laid off...). I have scrapped some of these, and some are ideas in the back of my mind ready to be put to page. I have several things that I want to do next year....

1. lose 50 lbs
2. eat healthier
3. quit drinking sodas
4. drink more water
5. exercise more
6. connect with my faith
7. reach out to others
8. volunteer
9. create a scrapbook e-zine
10. be a better wife
11. ride my bike more
12. write at least an hour each day
13. spend less time on the internet and more time creating
14. spend more time with family
15. watch less movies.... in other words, spend less time watching TV or DVD's
16. study my Bible more
17. eat more vegetables
18. spend less on frivolous things
19. blog more... create a diary blog
20. listen more
21. eat more fruit
22. learn to sew
23. learn to knit
24. practice my saxophone more...
25. cook more for my family
26. learn new recipes
27. plan menus
28. clean out the pantry
29. ask David to clean the carpet in the dining room hallway
30. pray more

That's just the basics... I may scrapbook this. 
It's late.... going to try to go to bed. Although my head's got scrapbooking and crafting ideas in my head...

Going through withdrawals...

Today celebrates 15 years since my Navy Boot Camp graduation. 

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