Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank you cards.....

A long time ago I used to be not so good at thank you cards.... it was easier to pick up the phone and say thanks.... yet as I've grown older I've come to the realization that it means more to put it in writing than it does to just blurt it out. These past two weeks for me have been filled with lots of emotion (fear, anger, pain, you name it, I've felt it) and there have been some amazing people in my world that have reached out and helped me....

Cuz Lisa...
all my gals at the VCW (Virtual Crop Week)

Love you gals...
And to my awesome hubby who has put up with all the ranges of emotion, smiled like a prince, and has still come back up the stairs to bring me breakfast in bed, my ice pack, to help me get in are amazing and I love you so very much!

Now I'm pretty much back to scrapping, and I made some cards.... here's one of them... I forgot to scan the rest...

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