Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Connection in a Small World....

Today David and I had lunch with one of our friends, actually one of David's groomsmen from the wedding.... anyhow, Mitchell is a graphic designer and we were talking about his various clients. I asked him if he had done any work for CHA, he's like yes.... my eyes lit up, he said it was for some paper company (non-scrapper, hence the non excitement...), I asked him which one, he's like Autumn Leaves!!! I'm like!!! WAY COOL.... Mitchell then proceeded to tell us how amazed he was at how far scrapbooking has come (preaching to the choir). I'm like 'you're my new best friend' (grin)... Mitchell's a good guy, you can find his work at He's had quite the client list, and his work is amazing and very innovative.

The other highlight of the day was our trip through the Dale Chihuly (for those of you who don't know who he is, he's an amazing glass artist who has done the glasswork on the ceilings of the Bellagio in Vegas.....) exhibit at the DeYoung Museum at Golden Gate Park. The man is AMAZING!!! What an awesome exhibit, it was well worth the trip to SF.... I've got a mini book planned for this little trip.... very colorful.

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